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We engage in community education, collaboration and strategic planning to build a foundation of empowerment for a better enriched society.

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In Detroit, this year We Vote

Its 2021 and Detroit has local elections. We shall elect someone to the primary offices of mayor, city council and city clerk. Voting is key to our democracy. Voting is the voice of each citizen. Voting is how we choose those who run our government. Voting is a responsibility.

Register to Vote. Do this now such that if there are problems, those can be resolved before the election deadline. Give yourself time to deal with the effort of voting. Stop leaving this to the day of the election. In Michigan everyone can now vote by absentee ballot. This means you can vote from the comfort of your own home. This means you can vote at your convenience. This means you can vote while sitting in your favorite chair. This means no line. This means no crowding with people at the voting precinct in times of a pandemic. You cannot catch germs from someone when voting by absentee. Absenting voting, vote by mail, is the easiest method to vote and we have this right in Detroit. Do not let this go to waste.

Voting helps to stop those who are working to stop you from voting. Today across the country many Republicans are trying to make it harder to vote for Black communities across the country. This is an afront against our rights under the constitution. If we do not vote, they succeed. If we do vote, they fail, and their policies can be overturned.

Important Dates

   April 20th, Deadline for candidates to file their signatures
   June 22nd, Voting by absentee - begins
   August 3rd, Detroit Primary

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  1. Community Policing
  2. City Airport
  3. Detroit Drainage Fee
  4. Property Overtaxation
  5. Detroit City Charter
  6. Auto Insurance
  7. Economic Divide
  8. Gentrification
  9. Wayne County's Jail
  10. Lead in the Water


"We need a self-help program,
a do it yourself philosophy,
a do it right now philosophy,
an it's already too late philosophy."

Malcolm X

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Housing Values
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  (article) Redlining & Segregation
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